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Monday – Friday
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Commercial Lighting Energy Audits

What is a Commercial Lighting Energy Audit?

A commercial lighting energy audit is a study of your building’s lighting energy usage. An energy auditor comes to your building and records all current lighting energy uses, interviews managers to determine areas needing lighting improvement and develops a formalized plan to reduce lighting energy costs and maintenance costs. The auditor will quantify how much savings potential there is for each area of suggested change, the costs associated with implementing the changes and the return on investment (ROI) that can be expected when the changes are implemented.

Who can benefit from a Commercial Lighting Energy Audit?

Typically, any building that has not recently upgraded their lighting and one not currently using LED technology.

How much money can be saved?

When talking about possible energy savings in a facility, it is impossible to make an accurate estimation without knowing many of the factors at play. Factors such as facility size, current lighting being used, current utility usage and many other factors can directly affect your energy savings. However, we have seen saving upwards of 40% in some facilities, with the average savings being around 15-20%. If the facility has been in operation for many years with no energy audits or improvements made then the savings could be substantial.

How long will the Commercial Lighting Energy Audit take?

Just as determining how much money can be saved in a Commercial Lighting Energy Audit, it is difficult to determine how long the audit will take. The amount of time will be determined on the size of facility and number of lights used. Many times an audit can be accomplished in less than a day. On large facilities it can take longer. After the completion of the audit, a formalized report will be completed for review in less than two weeks.

Is there a cost for the Commercial Lighting Energy Audit?

There is a cost. Typically, the cost is .05 cents per square foot of the facility being audited but can vary based on the number of lights and size of the building.


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