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What exactly do residential energy audits in Jupiter, Florida entail? They are designed to understand how power in a residential space is used. For those who feel that they spend a lot on energy bills every month, an energy audit can help homeowners see how they cut back, where to cut back, and how they can save. As a homeowner, it can be a subconscious behavior to turn on lights and leave them on, run AC units hour by hour, or use multiple appliances at once. Through the auditing process, some of these reckless behaviors can come to life.

Using a Professional for Residential Energy Audits in Jupiter, Florida

It’s important to note that there are generic do-it-yourself ways to measure energy use. However, these may provide inaccurate information. Instead, hiring a professional to administer an audit is highly advisable so that way homeowners can get a correct read on their energy usage.

The biggest reason people have an energy audit is to save money. Nobody wants to spend more on their utility bills than necessary. An energy audit can point out where energy isn’t being utilized efficiently. This knowledge can then suggest strategies that may decrease energy usage and ease your bank account.

Wasting energy is also bad for the environment. According to the United States Department of Energy, the use of Energy Star products, alongside audits, has reduced greenhouse gases by over 2 million metric tons as of 2013! The more homeowners take action, the kinder they are to the world.

Some individuals choose to use an audit to see where they have deficiencies in AC units or window and doors seals. It’s common for warm weather to suffocate interior spaces, leading to the overuse of HVAC units. An energy audit can detect issues such as inadequate windows, doors, air conditioning repair needs, and insulation problems.

There are many reasons to consider residential energy audits in Jupiter, Florida. Inspections are great for tax benefits, air quality, and savings. K&M Electric Supply has been providing high-quality services in South Florida since 1922! With over nine decades of experience and incredible knowledge regarding energy, it’s no wonder they’re a top choice for Florida residents. In addition to audits, they also offer inspections, generator replacements, air filter replacements, control panel repairs, and more. Today’s the day you change the way you spend your money by calling K&M Electric Supply at (561) 747-3330.